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10. May 2016

Custom steel solutions: Steeltec expands its range of special steel shapes

Steeltec – a company within the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group – has expanded its extensive portfolio of shaped steel long products. The bright bar specialist offers its customers flat and square cross-sections as well as more than 60 different special profiles. The company can supply cold-drawn and hot-rolled long products with standard sections or with customer-specific profiles and in almost any steel grade. Customers receive precision-made, near-net-shape parts with very tight tolerances. This significantly reduces the amount of final machining that needs to be performed and delivers cost savings as less material, energy and human resources are required.

Shaped wire and bar steel products from Steeltec are suitable for use in a very wide range of applications. They are typically used for the manufacture of complex precision parts in drive systems, in automotive and tool manufacturing, medical engineering and in the furniture industry. Steeltec manufactures its shaped steel long products at its production facility in Düsseldorf in Germany. By hot rolling and cold drawing its special steels, Steeltec is able to manufacture wire and bar steel with cross sections whose geometry and shape are very close to the required final dimensions. The choice of forming technique, cold drawing or hot rolling, is made on the basis of the steel’s required mechanical properties and cross-sectional tolerances. Steeltec uses a carefully controlled cold-forming process for those applications that place very high demands on the physical properties of the steel. Steel stock with specially tailored cross-sections can be a cost-effective alternative whenever customer-side machining would be too complex or would generate excessive amounts of scrap. The resulting benefits for customers are reduced process costs and improved competitiveness.

The Steeltec production programme includes more than 60 different types of shaped long steel. With the exception of air-hardening steels, almost every steel grade can be supplied with the required special cross-section. The material is supplied either as coils with an outside diameter of up to 1200 mm, or as bars with lengths of between 3000 mm and 7600 mm. If requested, Steeltec can supply pre-rolled profiles in coil or bar form with either standard or customer-specific cross-sections. Almost any cross-sectional shape can be produced, though undercut cross-sections represent one of the few exceptions to this rule. The weight per metre ranges from 0.22 kg to 3.5 kg, for particularly favourable cross-sectional shapes, weights of up to 4.10 kg/m are possible. Steeltec’s experienced team of engineers and the company’s advanced technical facilities enable it to produce customer-specific steel profiles that meet the individual needs of a client or an application. Steeltec delivers shaped steel solutions for a vast range of real-world engineering applications. Thanks to its extensive stock distribution and sales service network, Steeltec is able to deliver its profile wire and bar steel products throughout Europe.