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5. April 2017

Steeltec: Xtreme Performance Technology: Quenched and tempered steel with overfifty percent higher strength

With a strength of 1800 MPa, the quenched and tempered steel 42CrMo(S)4 XTP is at least 50% stronger than the standard version usually marketed. 42CrMo(S)4 XTP also exhibits an excellent elongation after fracture of 8%. All possible thanks to Steeltec’s XTP technology. XTP stands for Xtreme Performance Technology and identifies steels with improved material properties achieved without the need for expensive alloying elements. Using XTP-treated steels reduces the production costs for the highly stressed components used in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors, without compromising on component quality or performance.

Steeltec, a company within the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group, uses Xtreme Performance Technology to develop and optimise the physical and mechanical properties of standard steels. In the case of the Q&T steel 42CrMo(S)4, the specialist bright steel producer has chosen to apply XTP technology to a material that is frequently used in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. ‘Our goal of combining high material strength with superior toughness has been achieved with our 42CrMo(S)4 XTP steel,’ explains Guido Olschewski, Head of Quality and Product Development at Steeltec. While standard 42CrMo(S)4 steel typically exhibits strength values in the range 900–1100 MPa, Steeltec’s 42CrMo(S)4 XTP comes in at 1800 MPa, significantly higher than the strength limits previously known for this type of steel. Strength and toughness are two properties that normally run counter to one another, but after XTP treatment the steel is not only much stronger, but also exhibits an elongation after fracture of eight percent. Achieving such a combination of properties was only possible in the past by using expensive, high-alloy steels. With its new processing technology, Steeltec is opening up new options for product developers and enabling the comparatively low-cost fabrication of the highly stressed high-tech components used in today’s automotive and mechanical construction industries. Instead of having to resort to special high-alloy materials, customers can now use tried and trusted standard steels whose properties have been carefully modified by Steeltec’s Xtreme Performance Technology. As a materials technology specialist, Steeltec knows how to adjust and fine-tune the parameters of the thermomechanical treatment process. The result is steel materials whose physical and mechanical properties have been optimised to meet the needs of specific customer applications. Steeltec is currently running test campaigns on other steel materials in order to map out the entire range of material customisation options offered by its new technology.